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Galakrond wasnt born as a whelp, he didnt go through the regular evolutionary stages that all Dragons go through. Galakrond was born as a full grown Dragon, he was the template, the perfect design, for the species that would safeguard this world. Though he was born an adult, he knew nothing. The Titans taught him their language, how to use his own awesome powers, how to fly, and much more. Once he had become a master at the skills all Dragons are born with, the Titans unleashed their pet upon the Elemental Armies. Galakrond performed superbly, he sent many of the Elementals to the prison plane the Titans had made for them. However, even Galakrond could get overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of the raging elementals, leaving open to attack form their generals. The Titans were not idle either, saving their creation from certain doom many times. Eventually the warriors adapted, they prepared for Galakrond to fly over them and destroy them with golden fire, and they set traps for him. The Titans unleashed Galakrond upon the hordes of Elementals once more, and, without warning, a net of pure energy from all the Elements surrounded the Golden Dragon and pulled him back towards the rear of their army. The Titans were able to save Galakrond, but they knew something had to be done. Galakrond was useless as long as the enemy could use his weaknesses against him. The Titans agreed upon making another Dragon, this time a female. Her name has been lost to time, but the Aspects can remember Galakrond mourning the loss of one he called Alakronda. She was his counterpart, almost as powerful, and born with the skills he had been made to master. She was an exact replica of Galakrond himself, except her eyes glowed silver, the same color as her scales. Finally the war between the Elementals and the Titans came to a climax: The children of the Titans, the Earthen, fought bravely against the Fire, Ice, Wind, and Earth elementals, but they were being pushed back. The Titans themselves fought hand-to-hand with Ragnaros and his other foul counterparts. The Titans slowly pulled their forces back, they looked to be retreating. The Elementals saw this, and charged forward, eager for a final victory. The Titan's forces fled behind a range of mountains, known today as the Storm Peaks, with the Elemental Lords on their tails. As the enemy army entered the pass between the mountains, they saw the Titan's true forces and began to know fear. However, the Titanic army was fearsome, but what caught Ragnaros's eyes the most were the two specks sitting atop the snowy peaks of the mountains behind the Titan's forces. Once all four of the elemental warlords had gathered in the valley, Ragnaros figured out the Titan's plan, but it was too late to retreat. Khaz'Goroth himself pushed the pass the two armies had entered through together with a cataclysmic crash. They were all trapped. Without pause, the Elementals charged the Earthen, and the battle resumed once more, the Elemental Warlords completely forgot about the two specks on the mountain's peaks. Aman'Thul's thunderous voice boomed across the valley, giving the orders to attack. The two now forgotten specks atop the mountain peaks swiftly descended and grew larger as they approached the Battle. The two immensley huge Dragons, Gold and Silver, flew as one towards the heart of the Elemental armies, the exact centerpoint of the Elemental forces. Two loud roars shook the mountains surrounding the armies, and an explosion of pure white light sent out shockwaves through the battlefield. The Elementals were banished to the other planes, and a few hundred Earthen had died, but the Titans were able to effectively banish the remaining Warlords, and led their army to the stronghold of the Old Gods themselves. The very center of Azeroth. Within days, the Old Ones fell and were imprisoned in a Well of Magical Energy, created by Eonar. Khaz'Goroth raised a new landmass on the ocean, and the Well was placed in the center. Alakronda had been hurt in the final confrontation with the Old Gods, but she had laid a single egg. The Titans altered the egg to match the recently hatched Red and Blue Dragonflights, and placed it in an impenetrable chamber within Uldum. When Eonar stated Alakronda could not be saved, the Titans departed Azeroth. Galakrond soon fell ill, his time for living was over, and he had spent much of his strength on destroying the Old Ones. He had done whatever he could to save his beloved consort, but in the end, she was gone. Knowing that his only son would grow up feared and hated by almost all Dragons, because hybrids as they were called, were feared and hated, Galakrond stole the first egg laid by each of the Aspect's Flights, planning to put himself into them to lead the World, hopefully alongside his Son. He wanted his son to know his heritage so he left an heirloom for him. The eggs were blessed, so Galakrond rested in peace at last, and the History. Retrieved from ""

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