Korthgal the Juggenaut is one of most loyal and trusted dragonsworn of the Twlight Mistress called Aenithia .

Childhood and early years.

Kothgal was born in the mountainous area of Hellfire Peninsula one year before First War to a orcish women called Katdhila and men called Gutlot. His childhood was happy, atleast for him. Most of his childhood he spent training and fighting other in sparring matches, thinking this is the way of his life, life of the member of Shattered Hand clan.

First War

As Corrupted Gul'danand his pupper Warchief Blackhand ordered to enter the portal to Azeroth, Kothgal and his clan followed superior Blackrock clan with bloodlust and rage in thier blood. The blood of the "master" flowed in his viens, and his mind was shaded by this curse, Korthgal with his brothers spreaded chaos and slaughtered every human they saw. Even after the destruction of Azeroth, still the blood of the pit lord controlled his mind.

Second War

As Orcish Horde continued thier North Offensive, Korthgal and his arms still insanly killed every enemy that his eyes looked. His strength and stamina was used in every important battle and his honor and battle skins went higher. After battle of Grim Batol and annihaltion of its citizens orcish troops made this city one of thier main base of operations, but that was only secondary aim, main aim was breeding program of red drakes that will serve Horde. Korthgal rejoined the Dragonmaw clan, served was on of the guards to its Warchief, Necros Skullcrusher.
It that time from unknow reasons the voice in his head dissappred and his mind was again "clean". This "thing" led to a great argue with his Warchief, about the Dragon--queen and Red Dragonflight. His heart felt that what they are doing was not right and once this pain what they were cousing will come back. He was exiled and his honor and pride he gained through years, dissappered in few words, his life of warrior ended.


His exiled years ended when he finally joined faction that, how his words would say, "Would change something." He life changed after the "grand" lady gave him power and named him her dragonsworn. His achieve cost him much, a lot of challanges had to be done, but he had now power that will "change something." Old age was replaced by young fresh blood, giving him abilities he was never able to, giving him great agility, stamina and even knowledge. This pact was .... something.