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Many people have asked - "What is the ID for this Dragon Morph?" This article will serve as a resource for anybody wishing to find that particular morph ID that fits their character. Do note that all of the Morph IDs listed on this page are only to be Dragony in nature, and is only intended to include dragon related morphs. If you decide to add to this resource at a later time and date, please make sure the Morph #IDs you add are only dragons. No cats, bears, wolves, succubi. You get the idea.

You are allowed to RP a Dragonflight character from the Red, Blue, Black, Bronze, Green, and Nether Dragonflights without prior permission (these circumstances may change, so please do ask!). Proto-Dragons and Chromatic dragons are also allowed (if they follow certain guidelines, such as Chromatics havng weak powers of the flight they were imbued with). Please also note that while both Aspect and Restricted / Disallowed Flight Morphs are included in this resource, they are only here for the sake of making this list complete. Banned Flights are Infinite, Twilight, and Frostbrood. Magmawyrms and Undead dragons are also disallowed. Just because the Morph ID is here for them, that still doesn't mean you can go ahead and use them in future RP!

However, you may one day see an HC, staff member or RP co-ordinator using them for an Approved Dragon-Lords Meta RP event. Please respect this if there is indeed an RP event going on, and do not harass them about

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These have been included for those who wish to RP the hatching of their new character, or through some strange circumstance, they have been 'de-aged' or rebirthed into an egg.

==Twilight / Nether Egg - 28014
Spotted Yellow Egg - 20345
Smokey / Proto Egg - 20245
Blue Dragon Egg - 27743==

Whelps EditEdit

Whelps are the first stage of your character's life. They talk in babyish talk (and are sometimes intentionally RPed with poor grammar). They can flap around somewhat, but they cannot properly fly long distances. Adopt one of your own today!

Green - 9582

Red - 956 Blue - 6293 Black - 387 Bronze - 6292 Nether - 17723 (light coloured) Phased Nether - 20138

Mechanical - 12489

Chromatic - 10095 Twilight - 19295 Infinite - 20515 Onyxian - 30356 Frostbrood - 25750 Plagued - 10007 Azure With Armor - 26088

Drakes EditEdit

Drakes are the next stage of your dragon character's life. You might like to think of this as a kind of 'teenager' stage. Drakes are able to fly and tend to be quite fast and agile, and they are capable of intelligent thought. However, they aren't fully grown yet, and are not considered mature. They are also too young to take a consort, and such behaviour is frowned upon by some at this stage of their lives.

Drakes That Land

Green - 25853

Red - 25835 Blue - 25832 Azure - 27785 Black - 25831 Bronze - 25852 Nether - 19980, 19272, 16314 Armored Nether - 20344 Onyxian - 30346 Albino - 25836 Green Twilight - 27796 Blue Twilight - 27797 Red Twilight - 27798

That Don't Land

Bronze - 6370

Red - 6371 Albino - 6372 Blue - 6373 Black - 6374 Green - 6375 Azure - 24743 Chromatic - 9806 Green Twilight - 27038 Blue Twilight - 27039 Red Twilight - 27040 Infinite - 27814

Dragons & Wyrms EditEdit

Here be dragons! They rule the skies and can fly great distances. Drakes become Dragons in the World of Warcraft Universe when they have reached 500 years of age (or through other means, such as unnatural experimentation, or growing spells). Dragons are also considered mature adults at this stage, and they can take a consort or a mate for themselves. Characters at the Dragon stage of their lives may also take a Mortal form for themselves and be disguised in their mortal form. After the Dragon stage comes the Wyrm stage, but as far as Morph IDs go, people use Dragon IDs for their Wyrms too. Please do note that a Dragon is physically smaller than a Wyrm, and although your Dragon character may be 'physically large', it is not wise to make it bigger than a Wyrm.

Black Dragons

Basic / Default - 27035

Onyxia - 8570 Nefarian - 11380

Blue Dragons

Basic / Default - 24176

Azuregos / Cyanigosa / Saragosa - 11460 Kalecgos - 23345 Malygos - 27176

Bronze Dragons

Basic / Default - 2719

Green Dragons

Basic / Default - 2717

Emeriss - 15366 - (Corrupt!) Lethon - 15365 Ysondre - 15364 Taerar - 15363

Red Dragons

Basic / Default - 2718
Red Default With Hover Anims - 26699

Alexstrasza - 27569 Keristrasza - 24307

Aeonus / Default Infinite - 20510

Opaque / Faded Infinite - 27813 Halion / Purple Twilight - 31952 Sindragosa / Frost Wyrm - 30362 Nightbane / Magmawyrm - 24167 Sapphiron / Frost Wyrm - 16033

Proto Drakes & Dragons EditEdit

Proto Dragons come under a section of their own because of their uniqueness. Proto-Dragons as a species, were sort-of the early version before dragons evolved into the sapient, beautiful majestic creatures that they are known today. Galakrond was a Proto Dragon, the "progenitor of dragonkind" and from him the Titans created the Aspects. As far as morph options go for Proto Drakes and Dragons, they are a bit limited. Proto Whelps are not much more than scaled-down tiny Proto Drakes. If you would like to make a Proto-Whelp, just scale down a Proto Dragon Morph - that is the best way of going about it. As your Proto Drake grows, however, it's morph options stay pretty much the same. As your Proto-Dragon grows older, there is not much more to it than adjusting the Scale of the Morph ID accordingly.

As for the Morph IDs themselves, These basically come in two types - Saddled and Non-Saddled, the saddled Protos which are Mounts. They will flap and fly around and land, but they won't sleep. If you want Protos that sleep, pick a Non-Saddled one. Maybe you can even make a macro to switch between the Saddled and Unsaddled when your Proto wants to fly! Do note that even though some of these mobs do not even exist in the game (ie: the Unsaddled Violet Proto), some experimentation was done and their Morph ID was discovered. Thus, all the Morph IDs found through experimenting have been listed for you to use!

Saddled / That Fly

Black - 28040 Blue - 28041 Bronze - 28045 Red - 28044 Green - 28053 Violet - 28043 Plagued - 28042 Ironbound - 28953 Rusted - 28954

Not Saddled / That Won't Fly

Black - 26709 Blue - 26710 Bronze - 26711 Green - 26712 Red - 26713 Violet - 26714 Plagued - 26715 Ironbound - 28953 - (No saddle, but doesn't sleep)

Saddled & Sleep (but don't fly)

Blue - 26717 Red - 26718 Black - 26719 Bronze - 26720 Green - 26722 Violet - 26723 Plagued - 26724